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Who We Are


We Are

Reliance Machining Incorporated is the largest active drive-in machine shop facility in the New York Metropolitan area dedicated to the HVAC trades. Our shop is housed in a 15,000 square foot facility located in Long Island City. Reliance Machining has been supplying machine shop services since 1972. We hope that you will take advantage of our facility and expertise because we are in business to serve you. 

Since our shop is so extensively equipped with machines, we do not have to rely on other shops for outside services. Everything we do takes place in our facility, therefore maintaining control so that we can guarantee a delivery date. We are dedicated to customer service and strive to give the very best support to the HVAC trade. 

In addition to our specialized machinists, our staff also includes degreed mechanical engineers, who are available to discuss your specific requirements to aid in the creation or re-creation of components manufactured or modified to your specifications. 

Our group of skilled and dedicated craftsmen can work day and night to accomidate your emergency needs.


Because few projects are exactly alike, each job is processed and tracked individually. Here at Reliance Machinig, we treat machining as an art. A job is evaluated by a service manager to pick the appropriate technique and procedure to employ. Upon completion, the components are inspected and quality control is insured. The list of services we can provide are: 

  • Complete pump removal, repair and reinstallation 

  • Turbine wheel repair and reblading

  • Straightening and re-mettallizing of worn shafts

  • Centrifugal rebabitting of bearings

  • Rebuilding of bearings

  • Repair of steel and aluminum impellers

  • Dynamic balancing of rotors up to 5 tons

  • Fan and blower repair and new installation 

  • Dynamic and static balancing

  • Parts duplication and modification

  • Welding and brazing 

  • Chroming and grinding bearing journals 

  • Milling, Horizontal boring, vertical boring, planing, and drilling

  • Blast cleaning 

  • Lathes up to 64" swing- 20' centers 

  • Laser alignment 

  • Steam and water valve repair 

  • Water pump repair and overhaul

  •  Gear box removal and repair

  • Fabrication or repair of labyrinth seals and float valves 

  • Overhaul of main and auxiliary oil pumps

  • Electrical motor rehabilitation and rewinding 

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